Mordovia Arena is a football stadium in Saransk, home stadium of “Mordovia” football team. This stadium will host matches of the World Cup 2018 according to the decision of FIFA of December 2, 2010 and according to the application of Russia.

The opening match took place on April 21, 2018 when the football club “Mordovia” played against “Zenit” from Izhevsk city with the score of 0:0.

Today Mordovia Arena is a main sports building of a small Saransk. The stadium was building for several years and was granted permission to putting into operation in the beginning of April 2018.
Mordovia Arena
The first test match at the Mordovia Arena stadium
The teams of Denmark, Iran, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Tunisia and Japan will meet at this playing-field in the group stage of the World Cup in June.

Mordovia Arena is one of the most beautiful stadiums that were built in Russian cities for the World Cup. The majestic structure reminds of the rising Sun from a distance. It’s the main symbol of the ancient myths and legends of the Mordovian people. The front of the stadium is decorated in white and orange colors. The same colors were chosen for interior decorations.

Mordovia Arena is located in the central part of Saransk on the right riverside of Insar. It’s built within pedestrian accessibility from the key objects of city infrastructure and at a minimal distance from key transport hubs. The stadium is located just 5 km away from the Airport, 2.4 km from the railway station and 4.8 km from the bus station. Other key objects, such as hotels, fan zone and sights are located not far from the Arena as well.
Mordovia Arena
View of the stadium from the side of the Insar River
The stadium is designed specifically for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Mordovia Arena is some kind of a "transformer". The permanent capacity of the Arena is 30 000 spectators but at the time of Championship there will be 44,149 sits. The rectangle of the structure is smoothly rounded and resembles a pipe closed by a ring. The field and tribune are hidden behind the outer construction of metal wares, which stand from the concrete base of the tribune and pass over it to make a kind of awning. The design is inclined inside the Arena, creating the effect of "airiness". One unique thing is a small size of the stadium. The distance from the center of the football ground to the spectator seats is less than 90 m, from any corner of the field to the opposite tribune the distance is no more than 190 m. The appearance of the building is decorated with bright sunny color. Also the lighting of the Arena deserves special praise. The spectrum of light is selected to be the most identical to the sunlight.

Saransk with its population of about 300,000 people can be called small city comparing to other Russian cities. Building of the stadium helped to solve enormous town-planning issues in provincial city: a park was made up, the embankment of the Insar River was established, a residential area was connected with the city center. A zone for rest, festive and entertaining events was formed as well.
Mordovia Arena
Mordovia Arena this winter. Bird's eye view
Director of the FIFA Department for the conduct of competitions and events Colin Smith called to not pay attention to the statements of some European politicians:

- Our goal is to hold a football festival in a worthy manner, - he said. - By the way, the World Cup, which will be held in Russia, is very popular among fans: lots of the tickets are sold for today, about two million already. Tickets for the first two games in Saransk are sold out, and more than half of them were purchased by foreign fans. Mundial will be an excellent opportunity to discover Russia and Saransk for them.
Mordovia Arena
Representatives of FIFA at the Mordovia Arena stadium
According to unofficial sources, the original name of the stadium was "Jubileyniy". On the other hand, there is a request of FIFA that the name should be short, sonorous, and most importantly - easily perceived in the Latin alphabet. That is why the website was opened a vote, in which the title "Shumbrat-Arena" won (in Mordovian language "Shumbrat" means "Hello"). In addition, such versions as "Lev Yashin" (the name of the most famous Russian goalkeeper in history) and "Saransk Arena" were highly appreciated. But these names also weren’t satisfactory, therefore with the help of the commission the final and now all known version - Mordovia Arena was chosen.

Group stage schedule at Mordovia Arena

June 16: Denmark – Peru

June 19: Colombia – Japan

June 25: Iran – Portugal

June 28: Panama – Tunisia
Corridor inside the stadium
The view from the inside on the roof and the sky
Mordovia Arena at night. View from the side of the embankment
Visitor’s photo of plan of the Mordovia Arena stadium

What is forbidden to bring to the stadium?

These are recommendations of administration of Mordovia Arena:
  • - Any types of food
  • - Thermoses or flasks
  • - Strong drinks and drugs
  • - Soft drinks in a glass, tin, plastic packing with a volume of more than 0.5 liters
  • - Aerosols, air flappers, dye-stuffs, as well as any devices for spraying substances
  • - Provocative, offensive, and propaganda materials of an extremist nature
  • - Weapons and ammunition of any kind, as well as piercing and sharp objects
  • - Musical instruments other than bugles and pipes
  • - Laser devices, lanterns and other things capable that can disturb the match
  • - Flags and banners more than 2х1.5m in size, including on hollow poles
  • - Selfie-sticks and tripods
  • - Umbrellas longer than 25 cm when folded
  • - Any type of drones
  • - Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates